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CEA is a financial market educational institution set up in 2021 with it’s main objective to impart in-depth education and training in the field of financial markets to the aspirants who are willing to start investments and trading in financial markets at their own. The course and the curriculum is designed based on the experience and expertise of the founder and faculty in the stock market. The objective of the course is to provide the learner with theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding about the stock market. We help you understand why and how market move, determine risk related to stock investment and trade. So that you may select the perfect trading style that suites your need and help you fulfil your goals.

Why Choose Us

When we talk about why 'US' that means there are others and we are better than them.

But the others would claim the same, this keeps on going if we are playing in competitive market.

Whereas Ckakalogy Education Academy is not in the competitive market.


  • We don't over committ.
  • We teach you to make the profit by yourself.
  • Working on proven methodologies, that too eperimented by us.
  • It's not single sided analysis, it's technical and fundamental both.
  • Thorrow study of situational market and updates on its senario .
  • The study includes history, current affairs and also if, then and buts.
  • Multi angle studies and suggestions, considering the rise or fall against volume.
  • How to manage the funds into multiple stocks.
  • What is systematic investment.
  • What is IPO and its updates.
  • Updates on new comers and exits.
  • What to read, what to refer and whom to follow.
  • Learn to keep patience against panic and take action on correct time.
  • Don't choose us against any other, be with them but learn with us.

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    Manngeash Divvekar is an Alumni of DR. BAMU University, Aurangabad. He is also a Certified Associate of National Institute of Securities Market. His industry exposures include.
    - Manngeash Divvekar ( Founder & CEO )
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    Dr. Shrinivas Tapadia is the Chief Mentor & Trainer at CEA. A professional trainer with a MBA and PhD in Finance, his core expertise is Fundamental & Technical Analysis. .
    - Dr. Shrinivas Tapadia ( CHIEF MENTOR)
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    A Post Graduate in Economics Manngeash started his professional life as a Teacher followed by fruitful stint in corporate banking. His successful foray into the stock market
    - Manngeash Gole ( Administrator & Advisor )
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Manngeash Divvekar

Founder & CEO

Manngeash Divvekar is an Alumni of DR. BAMU University, Aurangabad. His industry exposures include working with multinationals like L&T and BEKAERT in the Indirect Taxation department he ventured out on his own into the Investment Market. A disciplined and methodical approach mastered over the years has helped him build a successful investment portfolio and create his own success story. Fired by the zeal to share his knowledge and experiences in the stock arena led him to set up CEA.

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Active Learning, Expert Teachers & Safe Environment

The world of the stock market attracts millions of people from all over the world. It is a great way to earn money sitting at home by just investing a few hours of the day. The stock market is not just all about profit but there is a risk where you might suffer losses.

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